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How to conduct an interview with the employer?

AlexsandrAlexsandr Posts: 58 ✭✭
when employers call me for a job offer, then of course they ask me about the knowledge of English. can I conduct an interview in English? but how? I do not know. Who can advise me something?

Best Answers

  • Practical_SeverardPractical_Severard Posts: 941 ✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    > @Alexsandr said:
    > when employers call me for a job offer, then of course they ask me about the knowledge of English. can I conduct an interview in English? but how? I do not know. Who can advise me something?

    Much depends on whether your prospective employers are native speakers or not. If they aren't then the required level is usually way lower.

    If yo're going for a interview with native speakers, give yourself a simple test. Try watching an episode of a British/American criminal or soap opera series. Choosing these genres is important since you'll confront dialogues in the modern language at the natural speed. If you've managed to understand almost everything, go for an interview. If you've got the general idea only then you will understand not too much. To assess your performance, switch the English subtitles on.
  • medmansmedmans Posts: 28 ✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    I have been interviewed the last week from a company in sweden, the agent found a high technical skills in me, but my english level is very limited. that's why i was declined and that's why i want to improve my english level from intermediate to advanced or professional .
  • AlexsandrAlexsandr Posts: 58 ✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    I found something on this theme. The article is about what questions employers will ask me and how I could answer it. I can create a dialog, and maybe its help me in the future.


  • DeucalionDeucalion Posts: 845 ✭✭✭
    If your English is pretty good, then you could be able to hold an interview in English. By contrary, if your English is not good enough yet, it could turn out a frustration for you. Whether your English is good enough depends on what company and what position you are applying for. If you apply for the position of a plumber at a domestic hotel that serves foreign tourists, for example, I guess you don't need a very advanced level of English. But if you apply for the position of customer assistant which implies providing services for foreign customers, your English should be rather fluent.
  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 31,599 mod
    Who are your prospective employers @Alexsandr? Are you being interviewed for a job where your bosses are speaking English or it is just that that want you to understand English? I would have thought it is much easier to conduct your interview in you own language unless they want to interview you in English.
  • AlexsandrAlexsandr Posts: 58 ✭✭
    Thanks, everyone!!! Your answers very help me. I will form a dialog with questions, and answers.
  • AlexsandrAlexsandr Posts: 58 ✭✭
    I am a Land surveyor or map creator. I've studied as a Land surveyor at Syberian state University of geosystems and technologies. I am on vacation at the moment. Of course, if I have a little bit free time I am trying to be here, in chat, with you guys.
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