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Beautiful December

Now, when the garden awaits the return of spring
Now, when the silence is deep and blue
Now, when the winter has cast her spell again
Beautiful December, Beautiful December

Here, where the snow is as soft as a woolly lamb
Here, where the nightfall is deep and blue,
Here, where the stars are so bright, you reach for them
Beautiful December, Beautiful December

Child, may you sleep in gentle peace tonight
Dream of songs that rise on silken wings!
When you wake, enchanted by the snowspun light
Sing the songs that came to you in dreams,
Your beautiful December dreams
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May Day

LynneLynne Your TeacherHomePosts: 9,639 mod
Don't worry, I'm not in danger, but it's May Day today. It's a holiday in Germany, but everyone in the UK will be working, and they'll get next Monday off. I prefer to celebrate on the actual day.

It's also Laika's birthday, so she will be getting a special dinner. :)


  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 28,481 mod
    Here they call May Day Labour Day (or even Labor Day). I remember once there was discussion of having the day off on the first of May, instead of the first Monday in May. Mrs Thatcher didn't like the idea of May Day being celebrated as a public holiday as it had too many socialist connotations!

    Happy birthday Laika! How old is she?
  • LynneLynne Your Teacher HomePosts: 9,639 mod
    edited May 2014
    In the UK "Labour Day" would sound more like "giving birth day".


    Laika is 8 years old, which in dog years is 56 years old.
  • HermineHermine Moderator Posts: 6,740 mod
    edited May 2014
    I was of the opinion that it is not allowed to ask a lady about her age.

    Yesterday I was at a stadium with one of my daughters, a performance took place there. At 8.30am it was so cold there that we put on our anoraks. Around noon it was getting hotter and hotter until some kids decided to swim a few circles at the lido nearby. I was still wearing my warm winter top and we had no suncream with us. We all looked like cooked cansers.
  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 28,481 mod
    Cansers, @Hermine? Do you mean boiled lobsters?
  • HermineHermine Moderator Posts: 6,740 mod
    I think I wrote it wrongly, cancers. Yes those sea animals who change colour when cooked.
  • aprilapril Moderator Posts: 10,451 mod
    It's a bit late, but "Happy Birthday", Laika ! =D>
  • HermineHermine Moderator Posts: 6,740 mod
    Yes @Laika congratulation. You are also a young old one.
  • HermineHermine Moderator Posts: 6,740 mod
    May Day and Mayday it is so intentical, isn`t it?
  • LynneLynne Your Teacher HomePosts: 9,639 mod
    edited May 2014
    I think you meant "crabs", but we would usually say "lobsters" - as red as a lobster.

    Unfortunately, cancer, although it is the star sign, is usually associated with the illness. You can imagine my surprise when I read your post @Hermine.

    Thanks from Laika.

  • HermineHermine Moderator Posts: 6,740 mod
    @Lynne, recently I read cancer where the writer used it not for the illness and therefore I meant I could use it here too.
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