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New Member need to discover this site more.

IsraIsra Posts: 4
Hello everyone,

This is Isra. from Khartoum Sudan. 22 yrs old.

I'm new here. I need to know more people and to take apart in discussions, i'm a bit lost here and don't know from where should I start... any advice ?

Thanks in advance.


  • LynneLynne Teach HomePosts: 9,700 mod
    Welcome Isra.

    Take your time exploring the Network. There is a lot to do here, but there's no hurry. :smile:

    Start with the topics that interest you.
  • IsraIsra Posts: 4
    Hello Ms. Lynne and thanks for welcoming.

    Now I'm surfing here and there. It seems that yet there is lot to discover.
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