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Should money is the only consideration when choosing a job?

lisalisa Posts: 744 ✭✭✭
Many people choose their jobs based on the size of salay offered. Personally, I do not agree that money is a key consideration when deciding a carrer, because I believe other factors are euqally important.

On the one hand, I agree that money is necessary in order for people to meet their basic needs. For example, we all need money to pay for housing, food, bills, health care and education. Most people consider it a priority to at least earn a salary to cover these needs and have a resonalbe life. If people chose their jobs based on enjoyment or other non-financial factors, they might find it difficult to support themselves. Artists and musinians, for instance, are known for choosing a carrer path that they love, but it does not always provide them with enough money to live comfortably and raise a family.

Neverthless, I believe other considerations are just as important as what we earn in our jobs. Firstly, personal relationships and atmosphere are extremely important when choosing a job. Having a good manager and friendly colleagues, for example, can make a huge difference on the workers' levels of working and general quality of life. Secondly, people's feelings of job satification come from their professional achievement, the skills they learn, and the position they reach, rather than the money they earn. Finally, some people choose a carrer because they want to help others and contribute something positive to society.

In conclusion, while money certainly affect people's choices of profession, I do not agree it outweighs other motivators.


  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 29,202 mod
    Job satisfaction for me is more important than anything else because we spend such a large proportion of time working and to be doing something you don't like, is wasting your life.
  • lisalisa Posts: 744 ✭✭✭
    It seems to me that the working atmosphere is not so well recently
  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 29,202 mod
    I think it depends on the company you work for @lisa. I have many friends who are quite happy in their jobs, though obviously this isn't always the case. Apart from one employer, I was quite happy with all my employers.
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