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6 sigma Yellow Belt

younusvyounusv Posts: 39 ✭✭
I want to start a discussion on the6 SixYellow belt.

First of all, we want to know about All Belts in six sigma.

LEAN Six Sigma Belts, Executives, Champions:

White Belt – understands basic LSS concepts from an awareness perspective
Yellow Belt – participates in process improvement projects as a team member
Green Belt – Leads GB projects, assists BB with data collection & analysis
Black Belt – Leads BB projects, trains & coaches teams
Master Black Belt – Functions at the program level, acts as an organization’s LSS technologist & internal consultant
Champions – Translates the company’s vision, mission, goals & metrics to create an organizational deployment plan & identify individual projects
Executives – Provide overall alignment by establishing the strategic focus of the LSS program within the context of the organization’s culture & vision


Understand the history and principals of Lean and Six Sigma
Explain the differences between Lean and Six Sigma
Gain a basic understanding & working knowledge of Lean Six Sigma principles
Explain how Lean Six Sigma(LSS) is deployed within a business:
Understand the role of an LSS team member


  • younusvyounusv Posts: 39 ✭✭
    The purpose of 6 σ(Sigma) is to make the customer happy and increase the profits by reducing the defects. 6 σ target to reduce the defects to the level of 3.4 per million opportunities
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