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"The April rain, the April rain,
Comes slanting down in fitful showers,
Then from the furrow shoots the grain,
And banks are fledged with nestling flowers;
And in grey shawl and woodland bowers
The cuckoo through the April rain
Calls once again."

Mathilde Blind, April Rain
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How to write "about me" section

I try to create a little introduce for my LinkedIn page. I saw many articles about how to write it but I need a something exact.
Here is my version:
"After 6 years of working in Mechanical engineering, I decided to moving forward and work with deal which is more closer to me .
I like programming and it went deep into my life (this is a little part of me, how to better describe it?) . I practice different programming languages and tasks, develop 20+ scripts to automate routine stuff, help Ubuntu community to solve problems for last 3 years. Years ago, I made service for sending poetry to people for free.
Moving toward to my objective, I don't stopped and successfully graduated a seven months long course of "Java development". I am looking for opportunity to obtain a place of Junior JAVA developer in interesting project, where I can apply my programing skills and be useful."


  • FarmduckFarmduck Posts: 45 ✭✭
    After 6 years working in Mechanical Engineering, I wanted to re-skill and work in a field closer to my heart. Programming has always been one of my passions. I am fluent in: (list programming languages and tasks here. Be specific because anyone reading this will be fluent in this field so your original statement was too vague.)
    To enhance my skills I successfully graduated from a seven-month long Java development course. I am looking for a position as a Junior Java Developer in any projects that will allow me to use and develop my skills.
  • AndrewSotnikovAndrewSotnikov Posts: 55 ✭✭
    > @Farmduck said:
    >I wanted to re-skill and work in a field closer to my heart.
    @Farmduck , it's great! Maybe is better to replace "closer to my heart"? It is sounds like something private, is not it?
  • FarmduckFarmduck Posts: 45 ✭✭
    @AndrewSotnikov No it can apply to anything you enjoy: music, your favourite football team, anything that you take a strong personal interest in.
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