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My name is Joana and I'm Portuguese.

Basically, I'm seeking for a new job...and I need to write a cover letter in English (and this is really hard to write even in my native language). I'm new here and I hope someone may be able to offer me some advice.
The sentence is:

"During the past two years, I successfully maintain the equipment management in compliance with the regulatory requirements with very rare observations/non-conformities reported in almost weekly audits and inspections. Now I want to go one step further. What motivates me is the perspective of applying and share what I have learned so far and mainly the possibility to try new things and learn from the others."

Could anyone with some extra time, take a look at this sentence. Just to make sure that I would not send this incorrectly.

Thanks in advance.



  • ZomZom Shadok Posts: 2,852 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @Joana_Sampaio,

    I'm no native speaker, nor experienced enough at writing formal letters in English, so I prefer not to make any suggestions. Nevertheless there might be a way to get your piece of writing noticed and corrected.

    In the forum, there is a section called "Your Writing". When people want a word for word correction, they create a discussion there with their writing.

    Then, when they can spare the time, @GemmaRowlands, @Lynne, @mheredge or any advanced learners go through it to give feedback.
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