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There is wind where the rose was,
Cold rain where sweet grass was,
And clouds like sheep
Stream o'er the steep
Grey skies where the lark was.

Nought warm where your hand was,
Nought gold where your hair was,
But phantom, forlorn,
Beneath the thorn,
Your ghost where your face was.

Cold wind where your voice was,
Tears, tears where my heart was,
And ever with me,
Child, ever with me,
Silence where hope was.

November by Walter de la Mare
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Accentuation of the words / pronunciation of -ED

CamvelCamvel Posts: 65 ✭✭
How to find the syllabe stressed in a word ? Here is a little help to master this notion for the words with the most common endings.
The emphasis is on the second to last syllabe for the words finishing in :
-ION (pollution)
-IC (ironic)
-ITY (quality)
-ETY (anxiety)
-IBLE (impossible)
-SIVE (expensive)
-ISH (abolish)

Now, the pronunciation of the verbs in -ED :

ED is pronunced /d/ after the majority of the sound consonants.
Examples : robbed, puzzled

ED is pronunced /t/ after /p/ - /f/ - /s/ - /k/.
Examples : asked, missed

ED is pronunced /id/ after /t/ and /d/.
Examples : dominated, arrested

So, I hope that this aid will you help to improve your pronunciation.


  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 28,081 mod
    Well described @Camvel. Needless to say, as a native speaker I've never even thought about it.
  • CamvelCamvel Posts: 65 ✭✭
    Thanks you @mheredge ! This is the first topic I create and I think it's important to improve its pronunciation.
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