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There is wind where the rose was,
Cold rain where sweet grass was,
And clouds like sheep
Stream o'er the steep
Grey skies where the lark was.

Nought warm where your hand was,
Nought gold where your hair was,
But phantom, forlorn,
Beneath the thorn,
Your ghost where your face was.

Cold wind where your voice was,
Tears, tears where my heart was,
And ever with me,
Child, ever with me,
Silence where hope was.

November by Walter de la Mare
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Where are you from?



  • sandrinhosandrinho Posts: 1
    Hi people! I'm from Brazil. The biggest country in South America.
  • LenaLena Posts: 2
    Hello, I am Lena, I am from Russia,
  • Ahmed_SalamhAhmed_Salamh Posts: 3
    I am from Egypt, Sharkia governorate
  • AbhinavAbhinav Posts: 2
    Hi everyone, i am india , hope everyone is enjoying their day.
  • ayham1989ayham1989 Posts: 4
    I am from Syria. but i am living right now in Sweden
  • arzulitaarzulita Posts: 144 ✭✭✭
    Hello! İ'm Arzu, i'm from Greece but now i live in Turkey, i am studying university here.
  • aamiraimanaamiraiman Posts: 11 ✭✭
    I am from Besut,Terengganu,Malaysia...here has Perhentian Island...come and visit it...this island really beautiful.
  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 28,148 mod
    @Jayden Malacca is a foodie paradise. My Singaporean friends took me there for the day just to sample food!
  • AliniwisAliniwis Posts: 1
    Hi! I am from South America!
  • will_tran_2307will_tran_2307 Posts: 11 ✭✭
    Hi i'm from Vietnam
  • JaydenJayden Posts: 38 ✭✭
    mherege,haha.Thanks.Malacca is a foodie paradise it's right. ;) ,welcome to you coming next time haha.But I also excited try go to singapore,because I never go to over there before.How's the singapore?
  • jmauhayjmauhay Posts: 3
    Hello.I'm from Spain but my country of origin is Philippines.
  • ZomZom Shadok Posts: 2,844 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    @jmauhay - Did you already speak Spanish when you arrived in Spain or did you learn it on the spot?
    It befits a man to be merry and glad
    Until the day of his death.
  • jmauhayjmauhay Posts: 3
    Well, I had a spanish subject when I was in college so I could speak a bit of spanish language when i arrived here in Spain..
  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 28,148 mod
    @Jayden I like Singapore very much. Not only is it a foodie heaven but there are some interesting neighbourhoods to explore (the largest old Chinese cemetery outside China is well worth a visit) and I find the people there very friendly.
  • shadi631shadi631 Posts: 5
    Im from Iran.
  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 28,148 mod
    I have very fond memories of one of the nicest two week holidays when I went to Iran @shadi631. I didn't see anything of Tehran, but flew down to Shiraz, going on to Esfahan, Yadz, Bam and Mashed.
  • MetitaMetita Posts: 1
    I'm from Thailand. :*
  • peaceculture2peaceculture2 Posts: 1,339 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Aliniwis said:

    Hi! I am from South America!

    Hi and Welcome, In Which country in South America do you live?
  • DeniscorrectDeniscorrect Posts: 23 ✭✭
    Hi! I'm from Perm city. It's Ural region of Russia. Welcome!
  • zaiymurszaiymurs Posts: 389 ✭✭✭
    @aamiraiman , Terengganu is the land of turtles, and had lots of nice and spectacular view beaches. :)
  • zaiymurszaiymurs Posts: 389 ✭✭✭
    I like Thailand @Metita , nice and beautiful country.
  • zaiymurszaiymurs Posts: 389 ✭✭✭
    So your accent is a Nottingham accent @Lynne ?
  • PenguinPenguin Posts: 7
    I'm from Russia. I was born in Ekaterinburg. It's big city and capital Ural. I moved to Kaliningrad about a year ago. It's the westernmost region of Russia.
  • ShinAKZShinAKZ Posts: 7
    I'm from Malaysia.
    Welcome to visit Malaysia, we have the great food here.
    Most of the Malaysian know to speak at least 2 language, well, maybe not that good but I think still can do the basic conversation.
  • vinqsYekvinqsYek Posts: 8
    Apa Khabar, I'm from Malaysia.
    A beautiful place with various culture and food.
    Take time to visit here, you will find out alot of things will shocked you. Hope you enjoy here.
  • maykmayk Posts: 156 ✭✭
    I'm from Philippines.
  • Jitendragupta3Jitendragupta3 Posts: 8
    hello every one, I am from India.
  • vinothvinoth Posts: 11 ✭✭
    Hi Folks,
    I am from India.
  • PaulettePaulette Posts: 7,391 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @vinoth from which part of India? Live you near by the Taj Mahal the ivory-white marble mausoleum in Agra an beautiful monument.
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