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"Still lie the sheltering snows, undimmed and white;
And reigns the winter's pregnant silence still;
No sign of spring, save that the catkins fill,
And willow stems grow daily red and bright.
These are days when ancients held a rite
Of expiation for the old year's ill,
And prayer to purify the new year's will."
Helen Hunt Jackson, A Calendar of Sonnet's: February
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Being a left-handed : what it feels like

ChronozixChronozix Posts: 23 ✭✭
Hey ! I just want to know how people feel as left-handed, but also how right-handed people see us !


  • LynneLynne Your Teacher HomePosts: 8,650 mod
    You could visit this site:-

  • Larry_the_ZebraLarry_the_Zebra Posts: 371 ❤❤❤
    As a right-handed persons, It's always amazing to see a left-handed person doing something with their 'weak' hand. (Of course, it's not weak for them). You know you'd drop that hot frying pan if you tried to shake it like that lefty is doing!
  • mheredgemheredge Wordsmith Here and therePosts: 24,112 mod
    I think it can be a bit awkward being a leftie, as so many tools and gadgets are designed for righthanded people.

    I try to be ambidextrous as best I can.

  • YellowtailYellowtail Posts: 453 ✭✭✭
    I'm right-handed, and when I stir fry, I hold the frying pan with my left hand. Because I want to use my right hand to stir foods on the pan. I think there is bigger difference between dominant hand and non-dominant hand in their dexterity than their strength.
  • Larry_the_ZebraLarry_the_Zebra Posts: 371 ❤❤❤
    @Yellowtail Yes, that's what I meant. Your 'weak' hand (in quotation marks) doesn't always refer to strength, but also how much you can do with it. It is 'weaker' in its skills and abilities than the other one. I know I could never toss vegetables in a hot skillet with my left hand like those TV chefs do! I'd throw them everywhere! :#

    @mheredge Do you write it 'leftie' in British English? It's with a -y in American. Some musicians call themselves that: 'Lefty' Jones, for example, but I've never seen a 'Leftie' Jones.
  • YellowtailYellowtail Posts: 453 ✭✭✭
    Oh OK, I got it!

    Speaking of 'Lefty', it reminds me of a Japanese manga Parasyte. It deals with a creature that got parasitic on a boy's right hand. The boy named it 'Miggy' that means 'right' in Japanese. But when the manga was published in English translation, in some versions, the whole images were flipped horizontally, because the original manga reads from right to left, unlike English book convention. As a result, the creature came to live in the boy's left hand, and the name was also translated into 'Lefty'.
  • mdshamsadmdshamsad Posts: 83 ✭✭
    I am a right handed person I feel good to see someone with left-handed person doing something and I have heard that left-handed person are more success than right-handed..............
  • mheredgemheredge Wordsmith Here and therePosts: 24,112 mod
    It's spelled both ways @Larry_the_Zebra.

    A leftie can also refer to someone with left wing political views.
  • Larry_the_ZebraLarry_the_Zebra Posts: 371 ❤❤❤
    edited February 19
    Ah ha,

    I know lefty (with a y) to mean a left-handed person, and a leftie (with ie) to be someone with left wing political views. Therefore, there is a relationship between spelling and meaning in AmE, but not in BrE.

    And you don't need to bold phrases for me. I'm a native speaker like you. B)

  • mheredgemheredge Wordsmith Here and therePosts: 24,112 mod
    I'm sure you're not the only one who reads other posts @Larry_the_Zebra. I know that you know the term but I don't know if everyone else does :) .
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