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What is a Communication Strategy?

DeucalionDeucalion Posts: 741 ✭✭✭
Hello everybody!
How's it going?
I'd like to ask your opinion on such a notion as "Communication Strategy".
I've researched the meaning of that term on internet, but I found different, rather elusive and fuzzy definitions there. So, my preference for clarity has remained unsatisfied. :(
The term "Communication Strategy" sounds good and promising with regard to some important advantages, but I'm afraid we wouldn't be able to benefit of them, untill we clarify neatly what such kind of strategy is about and how it should be developed. So, I invite anyone who is interested to find some specific answers for the following questions:
=> What actually is a Communication Strategy?
=> Apart from being used by organizations, could it be used by individuals?
=> When it is needed and what pragmatic advantages does it offer?
=> How should a genuine Communication Strategy be developed?

There won't be wrong answers, so any ideas are welcomed. Please, feel free in expressing your opinions.

Best Answers

  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 31,072 mod
    Accepted Answer
    By strategy @Deucalion, I understand this as a plan or way forward you want people to go. Communication is a more general term for interaction between people and a company for example, might have a communication strategy for reaching out to clients, or reporting internally. It is a fairly loose term that can cover a multitude of things.
  • LynneLynne Teach HomePosts: 9,880 mod
    edited October 2015 Accepted Answer
    @Deucalion - My communication strategy includes KISS - Keep it short and simple.

    I think trying to develop an effective communication strategy with the aim of learning a language refutes the very nature of language, which lies somewhere on the other side of chaos.


  • [Ex Member][Ex Member] Posts: 0
    Hi Deucalion I think the best straregy is to be truthful and tell others the thing that is in your hurt
  • DeucalionDeucalion Posts: 741 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2015
    Wow! Your answer is great, @Peacemaker, thank you for such extensive and thoughtful reply.

    @ahmad.ghazvini74, I really like your position.

    Oh, no, @Lynne, why are you so concise this time? :) I'm sure you have more relevant thoughts on that to share with us.

    I totally agree with you, @ mheredge, it is a fairly loose term. The notion of "Strategy" is still not clarified totally itself, but when it is used together with the term "Communication", things turn out even more cloudy. This ambiguity in understanding doomes us not to be able to delvelope a Communication Strategy that gets noticeable results. Could I develop something effective without understanding clearly what it is?
    May be it is just such a theoretical wording that has little application in practice and there is no point to dwell on it too long? Or may be I am unduly exacting on the clarity of abstract things?
    Albeit, something tells me that Communication Strategy is an ezoteric notion, that, if udnerstood and applied properly, can have great impact on people. Those who are enlightened are advantaged.
  • DeucalionDeucalion Posts: 741 ✭✭✭
    And here is my strategy of English learning:

    "Never gonna give it up
    I ever wanna stop
    Never ever give it up
    I'll never give it up
    Never gonna give it up
    I never wanna stop
    Never ever give it up
    I'll never give it up
    La, la, la, la, la, la, la
    La, la, la, la, la, la
    La, la, la, la, la, la, la
    La, la, la, la, la, la ... " :)
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