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What is the best way to master English grammar ??

Hi All , I need your help and opinion about a best and fast way to master the English grammar ??

Best Answer

  • RafiaremaRafiarema Posts: 369 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2015 Accepted Answer
    You can download many English podcasts in the internet and listen how native speakers speak and you can also watch movie that you like.
    Listen everyday and try to copy them.
    to practice speaking you can just tell stories to yourself grammatically and If you don't mind you can tell you stories with me in skype.

    This is what I do to improve my spoken English.
    1. I find topics for speaking examinations and I answer the topics.
    2. I try to explain things around me (speaking to myself). For example : A computer is ... Cats are...
    3.Listening English native speaker and then try to copy their Intonation, their pronunciation, their ways to answer questions, or to express feelings. How they greet people, how to ask permission. and so on.
    4. I try to "skype" with other people. you can "skype" with me.

    You dont need English native speaker to practice speaking.
    You need to have Passion to improve It and then you will see "the How".


  • reading and writing many as you can. i think so.
  • amrtarekhassanamrtarekhassan Posts: 41 Inactive
    @diemchuyenhoa this is very slow method ... we need it fast and entertainment .. :smile:
  • amrtarekhassanamrtarekhassan Posts: 41 Inactive
    Would you help us @Lynne
  • TeachTeach Your Teacher HomePosts: 9,878 mod
    It often depends on why you feel the need to master the slippery little beast that is English grammar.
  • amrtarekhassanamrtarekhassan Posts: 41 Inactive
    @Lynne Hi, we need to master English grammar to write and speak correctly ..
  • RafiaremaRafiarema Posts: 369 ✭✭✭
    @amrtarekhassan knowing and mastering are two different things.
    to know english grammer I studied it only in one month.
    to master english grammar I need to use it everyday without absence.
    because when I try to use englsih Instantly, I make many grammar mistakes. therefore I correct myself or ask someone to correct me. I suppose It is okay to make mistakes when we learn.
    also I don't forget to read and listen how native speaker actually use grammar in daily habits.
    the conclusion is to master english grammar we need to use It everyday without absence and be aware about grammar.
  • amrtarekhassanamrtarekhassan Posts: 41 Inactive
    Hi @Rafiarema, ok you are right , but how we practice on grammar every day , the daily chat or voice can not be consider as a grammar practice ..
    what i mean , that i have this problem , i can chat , write and read English well, but i can't speak with it instantly , some time i wait to make the sentence in my head then i speak it , it make me very embarrassing .. :neutral:
  • RafiaremaRafiarema Posts: 369 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2015
    @amrtarekhassan It's not embarassing. English's not our mother's language.
    Even we might make mistake in our native language.

    If you listen to native English speakers attentively, you'll find that they speak with grammar rules, maybe not formal textbook grammar but they use tenses and other rules to express their thought.

    If you often hear and use English everyday. At least you will not say " He are", or "You is" anymore. And That is how you learn speaking English correctly.

    Try to tell your stories in past tenses and your plan in future tenses.
    Try to notice how native English speakers express their feelings and convey their thought , and than copy them.
    That is how we practice English grammar in conversations.
  • amrtarekhassanamrtarekhassan Posts: 41 Inactive
    edited October 2015
    thanks @Rafiarema , i agree with you , but i have a little question :
    How can i make a conversation with native English daily , and discus topics and fields ??
    I can't find place or any thing support that feature !!!
  • pujipuji Posts: 1
    Grammar is also my problem. Right now, i am looking for partnert to improve my grammar and speaking.
  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 31,540 mod
    Have you checked out the Skype sessions that are run by the Forum @amrtarekhassan? There's information on these on the LEO homepage.

    Grammar is something that you can learn from the book to a large extent @puji, so don't be disheartened. But you can practice using your grammar skills here in the Forum and if you have any questions, why not share them. I'm sure someone will be able to help you.
  • amrtarekhassanamrtarekhassan Posts: 41 Inactive
    Hi @mheredge , thank you for your answer, I really appreciate it.
    I haven't tried the Skype sessions before, but I will as soon as possible.
    I hope it help :smile:
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