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Little story

lemonlemon Posts: 68 ✭✭
I wrote it some time ago, when I was bored. What do you think of it (my use of English, in particular)? I am not sure that is how you change voices in English, by the way. Also, I do not know if this was the right place to post it in the forum.


— I love your long blond hair — said Rachel. I was right beside her and we were speaking for some time now. That phrase come out of nowhere and I could not think a good answer.
— Thank you. I like your hair too — she smiled and our eyes met each other. Slowly we get closer, knowing what was about to happen. We kissed. It lasted about a minute or so, and then she looked away. I kept staring at her, she was looking at the stars, her eyes shining and she lightly rose her barren shoulder. I liked her shoulders too.
— Do you know them? The stars, I mean.
— Some of them — I answered, looking up too.
— Show me.
— Hum. There is Canopus and there, below the southern cross is Rigil Centaurus, it's the nearest star to the sun, do you knew?
— Hum. And you think there are some life in there?
— Well, not there necessarily, but I think there must be in some of them at least.
— Would you like go to there and check it for yourself?
— Sure. Do you have your spaceship with you?
She smiled.
— It's down there, hidden in those bushes. Actually, those bushes are just a hologram.
And so we went.


  • lemonlemon Posts: 68 ✭✭
    Thank you @Zom. I'll check the corrections later, I'm with little time to enter the forum lately.
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