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"May and June. Soft syllables, gentle names for the two best months in the garden year: cool, misty mornings gently burned away with a warming spring sun, followed by breezy afternoons and chilly nights. The discussion of philosophy is over; it's time for work to begin."

Peter Loewer
Friday - This afternoon, we will be in Kitely to do a little library roleplay.

Later we will meet up on Skype for TGIF.

(If you have your two stars, and you've sent Lynne your Skype id, she will try to add you today.)

An extra Kitely session will be held this evening.

Give oneself away

HeknerHekner Posts: 1,245 mod
"... if you care, don't let them know,
Don't give yourself away ..."

to give away - to reveal or make something known, often unintentionally; also, betray or expose someone

She gave away her true feelings.

He gave away his accomplices.

This idiom is sometimes put as give oneself away, as in If you don't want the family to know about your gambling, don't give yourself away by spending your winnings. (The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms)

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  • FrankFrank Posts: 2,942 mod

    “There is much to learn about mothering, she said -
    you will need to give beyond your limits,
    yet not give yourself away.
    you will need to soothe and calm,
    even when peace eludes you.
    you will be required to believe without any doubts
    when others shake their heads and sigh.
    to trust your instincts, and follow your heart,
    digging into depths that you never even knew
    were there.
    you will need to give your all,
    and then let go.
    encouraging their growth, cheering their flight,
    all the while watching pieces of yourself fly away.
    and when it's over, your job turns to you.
    and offering all that you've learned to yourself.
    it will be time to mother you.”

    —Terri St. Cloud
  • bubblibubbli Posts: 5,133 ✭✭✭✭
    I was so excited that I gave away all the ideas during internal meeting.
  • shah51272shah51272 Posts: 56 ✭✭
    If I give away all my past to you then you will not even like to talk with me.
    @Frank please point out my mistakes.
  • FrankFrank Posts: 2,942 mod
    edited March 29
    @shah51272 If I gave away all about my past, you probably wouldn't talk to me anymore.
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  • shah51272shah51272 Posts: 56 ✭✭
    Thanks @Frank
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