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"The April rain, the April rain,
Comes slanting down in fitful showers,
Then from the furrow shoots the grain,
And banks are fledged with nestling flowers;
And in grey shawl and woodland bowers
The cuckoo through the April rain
Calls once again."

Mathilde Blind, April Rain
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(Like) putty in someone's hands

HeknerHekner Posts: 1,493 ✭✭✭✭✭
"Her manner of treating everyone as an adult earned her a loyal following; even the most difficult kids were putty in her hands." ("Watercolours")

(like) putty in someone's hands - very easily influenced or persuaded by someone

She can talk him round – he's putty in her hands. (Macmillan)
"The world was a fantastic, marvelous, awesome place, Rose decided."


  • Student_PabloStudent_Pablo Posts: 51 ✭✭
    I like this expression so much! I remember being putted in my teacher's hands, when I was in primary school. Whom have had influenced/persuaded you in life?
  • kindgnicekindgnice LEO Motivator!!! Posts: 7,790 mod
    I have a colleague who gets putty in our manager's hands.
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