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How moral are you?

mheredgemheredge TeacherHere and therePosts: 30,452 mod
Are you an angel or just plain evil? Do you know the difference between right and wrong? Try these 20 questions to see how moral you really are.....



  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 30,452 mod
    Teehe, I'm no angel!
  • pryfllwydpryfllwyd The AnthropocenePosts: 1,405
    Apparently I'm very moral but operate in the grey zone of morals.

    That said, since when does belief in god have anything to do with morals? Not in my experience.
  • XanthippeXanthippe Posts: 1,857 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I am writing from a jail cell. :)
  • aprilapril Moderator Posts: 10,534 mod
    Who on earth is Joseph Kony?
    Anyway, it says that "I'm a very moral person".
    Well, a bit maybe. :)
  • pryfllwydpryfllwyd The AnthropocenePosts: 1,405
    Joseph Kony is (or was?) a nadty little man who used an army of child soldiers in Sierra Leone @april
  • XanthippeXanthippe Posts: 1,857 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I haven't heard of him either. @‌April

    Well, I have stabbed several people in Second Life. I have also drowned many. Not to speak about haunting. :)
  • aprilapril Moderator Posts: 10,534 mod
    Ooh, thanks @pryfllwyd‌.
    I'm glad I didn't choose him as my role model.
  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 30,452 mod
    You sound like a very wicked person @Xanthippe‌. Pleased to make your acquaintance!

    I think I might have got the same result as you @pryfllwyd‌. Moral but not so moral.

    What does Joseph Kony have to do with you being a very moral person @april?

  • XanthippeXanthippe Posts: 1,857 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @mheredge, yes, I do. :)

    (5th century BC)

    Socrates' wife and matron of ancient Athens. The couple had three sons, Lamprokles, Sophroniskos and Menexenos, and she is said to have had a bad temper and to have been the very personification of the constantly nagging wife.
    Her contemporaries did not picture her as such a terrible person as the later Romans did. According to later stories, Socrates knew he was marrying a hag, but did so to practice his patience.
    A well known anecdote about the angry Xanthippe is the one where she was so angry with her husband that she threw a bucket of washing water on him. The philosopher then replied: after thunder comes rain. Socrates' saying "Marry or marry not, in any case you'll regret it" was supposedly in contemplation of his wife.
  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 30,452 mod
    Hahahaha! I am often tempted to throw a bucket of water over the dogs that bark outside my window @Xanthippe‌.
  • aprilapril Moderator Posts: 10,534 mod
    If I chose Joseph Kony as my role model (instead of my mother :) ) the result could be different I assume. :)
  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 30,452 mod
    I can't see it somehow, @april‌.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 657
    A very moral person.
  • XanthippeXanthippe Posts: 1,857 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Nil, congratulations. :)
  • XanthippeXanthippe Posts: 1,857 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I am rather like that: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2012/05/28/article-0-00356DD800000258-712_634x858.jpg
  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 30,452 mod
    That's Dastardly and Muttly isn't it, @Xanthippe‌? I can still hear that evil snigger...
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 657
    Thanks @Xanthippe‌.
    Of course as a teenager, I should be moral. I don't drink or smoke or other things that adults do.
  • XanthippeXanthippe Posts: 1,857 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Ah, you are right, Marianne. :) I haven't watched this series though.
  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 30,452 mod
    In Britain, an awful lot of teenagers are not at all moral @nil.

    Britain has one of the worst records in the world for underage pregnancies. Most young people drink alcohol, a lot smoke and even do drugs. Brits have more teenage abortions than any other country in Western Europe too.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 657
    We have immoral teenagers here too. I have lot of immoral classmates. Some of them were caught while smoking @mheredge‌.
    But really I can't understand underage pregnancies.
  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 30,452 mod
    This article is interesting @nil. A lot is due to poor education.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 657
    That was interesting @mheredge‌.
    Schools should teach about proper sex and also the dangers of improper one. Underage pregnancies, alcohol, or addiction are important problems which government shall consider them and find a solution for them in order to have a valid society.
    Also parents can be really effective to avoid happening these things.
  • SLBSLB Posts: 1,289 ✭✭✭✭
    Hi, @mheredge‌
    How many pregnant classmates did you have when you were at school?
  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 30,452 mod
    Good question @SillyLittleBleeder‌. Just one girl. She had to leave at Easter, a term before the end of the school year. She would have been 16 or thereabouts. I don't think she took her O'levels. But then again, even if there was only one in my class, it was seen as quite shocking as the school was a grammar school where that sort of thing wasn't supposed to happen.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 657
    These days we cannot control a 5 years old.
    I'm concerned about future and the new generation. :|
  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 30,452 mod
    I find children from the countryside seem to be much better behaved than city kids. Teaching village children, there are never any classroom discipline problems @nil. They are much less spoilt. Or maybe they're afraid the teacher will beat them. This is still a problem in many village schools in India and Nepal.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 657
    Teachers beat them? Some students need it @mheredge‌.
    I remember a student at elementary school said to her teacher I will pay 2 million to manager and she will fire you!!!!!!!!!!! :|
  • mheredgemheredge Teacher Here and therePosts: 30,452 mod
    But do you really think beating the naughty students really makes any difference @nil? My father used to reckon that the boys at his school almost saw it as a trophy. And as @pryffwyd said in What is the problem, when he was at school, they were given the choice of taking a beating or doing chores, but used to take the physical punishment as it was over quickly.
  • komikomi Posts: 421 ✭✭✭
    edited August 2014
    Model of Morality !
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 657
    No @mheredge‌. I don't accept physical punishment at all. In few cases it works but in most it doesn't. Our teachers punish us by a lot of home work and sometimes debarring us of talking.
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