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"The April rain, the April rain,
Comes slanting down in fitful showers,
Then from the furrow shoots the grain,
And banks are fledged with nestling flowers;
And in grey shawl and woodland bowers
The cuckoo through the April rain
Calls once again."

Mathilde Blind, April Rain
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How not to speak English properly (Korwin-Mikke in the Europarliament)

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Have fun:

The poor guy is complaining that an interpreter didn't translate his speech into Polish well (to be honest I am not surprised). That's why he has published the transcript:

"Mr.Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen.
Among the major challenges mentioned in the Appendix One I see the cost of energy. But this cost is generated by the EU – thanks to the war on global warming. This war – if effective – would harm the natural environment – because what the plants need most for their growth, is carbon dioxide. Fortunately this war has no effect at all – but the countries occupied by the EU had paid tremendous price.
The global warming – if it is real – is not anthropogenic. It is humbug. But it is the instrument to achieve a specific goal: ZERO GROWTH. And this goal – a clandestine dream of some persons sitting among us – had been reached.
For 2 trillions €uro spent – and wasted.
It’s felony.
I hope on January the Prosecution Office of EU will be at last established – and the culprits (including the pseudo-scientists, who had in bad faith supported this lunacy) will be found, named, duly prosecuted, tried and put to jail."
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    Another one (he should have checked n-word, this is a literal translation from Polish):
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